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Autumn Crossway

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 30 Sep 2019

The latest edition of Crossway is now on its way to members and subscribers.

Back in May we held our annual Church Society Conference, “Redeeming Love and Faith”. With papers from Bishop Keith Sinclair, Iain Baker, Ros Clarke and Lee Gatiss, the conference was an excellent day of being encouraged by the Bible’s teaching on sex and sexuality. Those papers have been written up and edited to form this edition of Crossway.

Bishop Keith begins by showing how the whole sweep of Scripture teaches that sex is a blessing and a gift, but also includes warnings about its misuse. Download a detailed handout to accompany his article, listing all the Bible passages he had in mind.  In the second article, Iain Baker, a trustee of the True Freedom Trust, looks at the principles for pastoral care as they relate to matters of sex, challenging us to love and welcome all kinds of sinners into our churches. My article attempts to broaden our horizons, seeing how sex is part of God’s self-revelation, and lifting our eyes to its future fulfilment in the consummation of our marriage to Christ. There is real pastoral value in this, offering hope and comfort to those whose experiences of sex are broken and flawed, as well as the reminder that even the best sex this life has to offer can never satisfy. Finally, Lee Gatiss gives us some historical context, reminding us that ours is not the first generation to be sexually depraved, and that this is not the first time that the church itself has been infected with such depravity.

In addition to the articles, the magazine includes a recommended list of further reading.

We hope that you will find this a helpful and encouraging edition of the magazine. If you think it’s something that more people at your church might want to read, you can order additional copies here, or contact the office for bulk orders.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and editor of Crossway magazine.

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