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Welcome to Church Society online. We are a fellowship contending to reform and renew the Church of England in biblical faith. On this website, you will find details of our conferences, publications and other resources, as well as our regularly updated blog and weekly podcast.

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 26 Nov 2020

Ros Clarke examines the principles of Sabbath rest and how they apply to sabbaticals for ministers.

The news that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is to take a sabbatical next year has been met with some complaint.

Is this really the right time to consider stepping away from his normal duties for a while? Doesn’t the country need spiritual leadership and wisdom more than ever? Haven’t we seen that the government can’t be trusted to prioritise the needs of the church and other religious communities without constantly being reminded? Is he, as one commentator suggests, demonstrating a selfishness that puts his personal wellbeing over the needs of the nation in the midst of an acute crisis?

His predecessors took similar periods of sabbatical, the articles grudgingly note, and the announcement from Lambeth points out that all clergy are entitled to apply for what is now commonly known as ‘Extended Study Leave’ every 7-10 years. But should they?

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 25 Nov 2020

Advent and Christmas resources available from Church Society and elsewhere this year.

We have two sets of Advent devotional resources this year.

Lee Gatiss is resuming his popular daily Bible and Prayer videos during Advent. In these short videos, Lee reads from the Bible and then leads us in prayer. These are an excellent way to pause for a couple of minutes during a busy day and focus on the Lord. These will be available on our YouTube channel and there will be links to them on our Twitter and Facebook pages every day.

How to be a Christian is a series of daily written devotionals, based on the Book of Homilies. Each day there will be a suggested Bible passage, followed by a devotional thought, a couple of questions to consider and a prayer. These devotionals will be available on Prayermate or you can sign up here to have them emailed directly to you every day. Topics include: how to forgive, how to please God, how to love, how to have hope, how to disagree and many more.

Both these Advent series will begin on Advent Sunday, November 29th.

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Posted 25 Nov 2020

The team of Regional Directors chat to Ros about their work around the country.

Chris Moore, George Crowder and Tony Cannon chat to Ros Clarke about the work of the Church Society Regional Directors in supporting local groups, building networks and encouraging individual ministers around the country.

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