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Lectionary Videos: Year C

Lectionary videos by Lee Gatiss on Year C of the Church of England's Liturgical Calendar.

1st Sunday of Advent.
2nd Sunday of Advent.
3rd Sunday of Advent.
4th Sunday of Advent.
1st Sunday of Christmas.
Epiphany 1/2.
Epiphany 2/3.
Epiphany 3/4.
Epiphany 4 / 5th Sunday before Lent.
Proper 1 (Year C).
Proper 2 (Year C).
2nd Sunday before Lent.
Sunday next before Lent.
Lent 1.
Lent 2.
Lent 3.
Lent 4.
Lent 5.
Palm Sunday.
Easter Sunday.
2nd Sunday of Easter.
3rd Sunday of Easter.
4th Sunday of Easter.
5th Sunday of Easter.
6th Sunday of Easter.
7th Sunday of Easter.

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