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Cover of Reformed Foundations, Reforming Future

Reformed Foundations, Reforming Future

This concise book explores the history, theology and future of Anglicanism. Lee Gatiss unpacks the Catholic, Protestant and Reformed nature of the church's doctrine and considers how it might apply today in questions of evangelical identity and arguments over women bishops.

Peter Adam goes on to explore how Christ, as the sufficient and effective Saviour of his church, encourages us to engage faithfully in the ongoing ministry of reformation today.

The chapters are edited versions of papers first delivered at the Church Society conference in 2013, which marked the 450th anniversary of the Thirty-Nine Articles.


‘Lee Gatiss’ exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles as Catholic, Protestant, Reformed is a welcome tonic in the midst of competing forces seeking to redefine Anglican doctrine for the 21st century. Peter Adam’s sober reflection on the reality of sin and its remedy in the all sufficient and effective Saviour, Jesus Christ, is both stimulating and refreshing.’ – Glenn Davies, Archbishop of Sydney

‘This is a timely and important word for those – like me – who see no contradiction between being wholeheartedly Reformed and Evangelical in our convictions, and being Anglican in our church belonging.’ – Christopher Ash, Anglican minister and Director of the Proclamation Trust’s Cornhill Training Course

The book can be ordered at a discount for multiple copies.

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