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Fellowship of Word and Spirit Archive

Articles and publications from the Fellowship of Word and Spirit

Prophecy and Preaching, David Peterson
Recovering the Word, James Philip
Reforming the Denomination, Wallace Benn
The Baxter Model, Wallace Benn

Orthos booklets:

No 1. The Rule of Christ and the Kingdom of God. By Paul Gardner.

Nos 2, 3 & 7. The Church’s Ministry. By James Rushton, Paul Gardner, and Alec Motyer.

No 4. Power Evangelism. A Pastoral and Theological Assessment of John Wimber’s Teaching. By Wallace Benn & Mark Burkill.

No 8. Healing in the New Testament. By Rowland Moss.

No 9. Aspects of Authority. By J I Packer.

No 11. Recovering the Word. The Need for Expository Preaching Today. By James Philip.

No 12. The Church in the Age of the TV Image. By Simon Vibert.

No 13. The Baxter Model. Guidelines for Pastoring Today. By Wallace Benn.

No 14. Conduct which Honours God? The Question of Homosexuality. By Simon Vibert.

No 15. Evangelicals and the Word of God. By Paul André Dubois.

No 16. Prophecy and Preaching. Acts and the Church Today. By David Peterson.

No 17. New Initiatives in Christian Initiation. By Simon Vibert.

No 18. Reforming the Denomination. By Wallace Benn, Michael Lawson, and Simon Vibert.

No 19. By Word and Spirit. Two Archbishops on the Doctrine of Revelation. By Simon Vibert.

No 21. Presenting Everyone Mature. Evangelicals and Spiritual Growth. By Marian Raikes.

No 22. A Way Forward. Provision for Dissentients after the Consecration of Women Bishops in the Church of England. By Wallace Benn, Gerald Bray, Roger Beckwith, and Mike Ovey.

No 23. Why I am an Anglican. Contributions from Twelve of Today’s Evangelical Leaders. Edited by Simon Vibert.

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