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Resourcing and encouraging the ministry of the local church is a large part of what we are all about. Please explore our resources here.

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Cover of Confident and Equipped

Confident and Equipped

This concise book focuses on some of the key challenges facing those who seek to be faithful to the biblical gospel within the Church of England.

The book covers the significant pressure points of gender and same-sex attraction. But it also addresses the deeper long-term need to lead the way on evangelism within the structures of the denomination.

Contents include Lee Gatiss on unashamedly suffering for the gospel; Simon Austen on ‘Why stay in the Church of England?’; John Richardson on making churches keen and fit for evangelism; Ben Cooper on positive complementarianism, and Sam Allberry on reclaiming the good news in sexuality.

These stimulating chapters, edited versions of addresses first delivered at the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC) in September 2013, will help you to be both confident in the gospel, and equipped to face the challenges of remaining faithful in an increasingly hostile environment.


Order your copy here (£5)

Bulk orders are also available at discount:

5 copies for £22
10 copies for £40

Please note that postage is £2 for 5 or more copies. To place orders from overseas, please email us


‘A much needed blend of evangelistic passion, pastoral concern, and doctrinal conviction which will both convict and inspire.’ – Vaughan Roberts

‘A timely and stimulating collection of papers for anyone thinking seriously about being a faithful evangelical in the Church of England today.’ – Christopher Ash

‘Challenging, honest, engaging, realistic. This brief book is both heart warming and uncomfortable as it grapples with the Bible’s wisdom on many challenges for ministry today. Put this in the hands of as many as you can.’ – Hugh Palmer

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