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Resourcing and encouraging the ministry of the local church is a large part of what we are all about. Please explore our resources here.

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Church Society Podcast

The Church Society podcast is a weekly update of news and discussion about all things relating to our purposes of strengthening local churches in biblical faith and helping to shape the Church of England now and for the future.

57. Anglican Elders
56. St George’s, Wembdon
55. Small is Beautiful
54. Books are the Best Gifts
53: Music Matters
52: Singing the Psalms
51: St James’s, Ryde
50: Faitheism
49: Faith in Kids
48: Pastoring Young People
47: Reporting from ReNew
46: Graciousness
45: Meekness is not Weakness!
44: The Sheep are Starving!
Summer podlet 6: Intentional Discipleship
Summer podlet 5: The Porn Problem
Summer podlet 4: Ministry of the Word
Summer podlet 3: What Makes Us Human?
Summer podlet 2: Do you pray?
Summer podlet 1: Stories
43: Barton Seagrave
42: There’s Only One Lee Gatiss
41: The Priscilla Programme
40: Holy Trinity, Old Hill
38: The Art Of Rest
37: Ministry Trainees
36: More from the Flourish conference
35: Flourish
34: Chexit?
33: Invest Your Disappointments
32: Ministry and Mental Health
31: St Alkmund’s Duffield
30: Encouraging Women’s Ministry
29: Knowing Our Times
28: Merger
27: Churchwardens
26: Prayer books
25: Hailsham Parish Church
24: Synod Miscellany
23: Ministry and the Missio Dei
22: General Synod
21: None Like Him
20: Church Society
19: St Luke’s Wolverhampton
18: The curate and the chaplain
17: To Lithuania and beyond!
16: A New Year, A New Day
15: The Director’s Cut
14: Christmas Boxes and Christmas Books
13: Christmas Gift Guide
12: Christmas? It’s not even Advent!
11: Bishop, books and confirmations!
10: I believe the students are our future
9: Why the Reformation Still Matters
8: A Comedian’s Tale
7: Communication, media and the gospel
6: How Long O Lord?
5: Liturgy of the Ordinary
4: Matt and Anne Kennedy
3. Podcast: ReNew 2017
2: Education or Formation?
1: President and Patronage

How to listen to the Church Society podcast:

1. Listen to the episodes as they are posted here on the website.
2. Listen to all the episodes and all other Church Society audio resources via Soundcloud.
3. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.
4. Subscribe to the podcast on an Android device (phone or tablet). You will need to install a podcast app and then subscribe via our RSS feed here.

For more information, see this beginner’s guide to podcasts.

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