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Resourcing and encouraging the ministry of the local church is a large part of what we are all about. Please explore our resources here.

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We're in the process of adding a selection of our long-standing resources to these pages, alongside newly-created ones. So do check back here for new books, booklets, recordings and articles as we add them.

Here is our current selection of resources available here.

Audio recordings

FWS/Church Society Conference 2018
Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference 2017
Church Society Podcast
Reformation Song
Church Society Conference 2017
Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference 2016
Church Society Conference 2016
Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference 2015
Church Society Conference 2015
Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference 2014
Church Society Conference 2014
Peter Toon Lecture 2014
The Credibility Crisis
Peter Toon Lecture 2013
Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference 2013
Church Society Archive Audio Talks


Lent blogposts 2018
Paperback books
Hardback books
Lent blogposts on the 39 Articles
Lent blogposts on the Homilies
Lent blogposts on George Herbert
The Homilies
An English Prayer Book
The Sermons of George Whitefield
The Principles of Theology


Reformation resources
Crossway Back Issues
Resources for Clergy Appointments
Great Churchmen
Church Association Tracts
Complementarianism Resources List
The 39 Articles of Religion
Evangelical Ministry in a Non-Evangelical Parish


Churchman archive

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