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Positively Anglican
With the church in the state it's in, how can evangelicals be more positive and enthusiastic about being Anglican? Is it worth sticking with it, when we face hostility both from our surrounding culture and from within the church itself? The authors of this book reimagine an energetically optimistic Anglican future, and renew our confidence in the transforming power of God's word. They provide a compelling vision of an uncompromising and entrepreneurial evangelicalism, true to its theological roots while engaging the wider church with integrity and consistency. Chapters include sticking with the C of E despite the difficulties, by James Taylor; George Whitefield’s Anglicanism by Lee Gatiss; Evangelical Episcopacy, by Wallace Benn; Complementarian ministry in the local church, by Andrea Ruddick; Complementarian ministry opportunities by Jane Tooher; How to transform a church, by Lee Gatiss; and, Imagining our Anglican future, by Peter Adam.


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James Taylor, Lee Gatiss, Wallace Benn, Andrea Ruddick, Jane Tooher, and Peter Adam
Lost Coin Books
Paperback, 119 pages
Publication date
January 2016