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Gospel Flourishing in a Time of Confusion
This book addresses key questions facing Anglican Evangelicals at this moment of confusion and uncertainty. Should we stay in the CofE, and make use of the many gospel opportunities it affords? Or should we leave for pastures new, since things within the established church have become so difficult? What does it mean to be a "righteous remnant" in an apostate church, when everyone seems to be doing "what is right in their own eyes"? And are there lessons we can learn from how our ancestors handled these sorts of questions, not just in recent times but in the very earliest days of the church? Five bishops, pastors, and theologians offer here a resource to help us think through the issues, that the gospel of Jesus might flourish and spread in our nation.


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Lee Gatiss (Ed)
Lost Coin Books
Paperback, 81 pages
Publication date
February 2019