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Foundations of Faith (Hardback)
A stellar cast of Anglican pastors and theologians from around the world reflect on the foundational teachings of global Anglicanism. Putting the Thirty-nine Articles in their biblical and historical context, they navigate some of the difficult terrain with clear and compelling application for today. This book is an excellent guide for the newcomer, and a refreshing commentary for the seasoned interpreter. "We consider this book as God speaking to the Church again. Without reservations, therefore, we commend and recommend this book to all Anglicans of the GAFCON family, and Christians everywhere, who yet seek after God and his kingdom through Jesus Christ." Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, Chairman of the GAFCON Primates' Council. “Foundations of Faith is compulsory reading for all clergy in my diocese in the Church of Nigeria, and there are exams on it for canons and archdeacons. We rejoice greatly in this testimony of our Anglican faith and in the courage of Church Society in a militantly secular Europe." — Archbishop Ben Kwashi, General Secretary of GAFCON and Archbishop of Jos. Purchase the paperback edition here.


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Lee Gatiss (Ed)
Lost Coin Books
Hardback, cloth binding with red ribbon, 273 pages
Publication date