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Why join Church Society?
As a member of Church Society you will be involved in the vital work of bringing the word of God to bear in the life of the Church of England, local churches, and the nation.

You may become either a Member or an Associate of the Society. The difference has solely to do with the status of the Society as limited company.

Applicants should note that whereas personal details of Associates are not disclosed the Society is bound to disclose certain details about members as required by UK company law.

Associate membership
To become an Associate all you need do is complete the membership form and pay the subscription fee.

Ordinary membership
To become a member you must complete the membership form but also agree with and sign the declaration of membership and send it to us. Your application must be approved by the Council and until this can happen you will be treated as an Associate.

Members, properly ordinary members, are such in accordance with UK company law, they have a limited liability of £1, the right to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Society, and may stand for election to its Council. Members will be sent a copy of the audited accounts (these are also posted on the website).

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Other benefits of membership:

  • The regular mailings include the quarterly members magazine Cross+Way keeping you in touch with important issues and the work of Church Society.
  • Special members subscription rate for the international theological journal Churchman.
  • Briefings and publications on various matters.
  • Help in pursuing local issues.
  • Knowing you have someone to turn to for impartial advice.
  • Putting you in touch with others who share your concerns.
  • Conferences and other meetings.

In addition we value the contribution of all our members in:

  • prayer
  • seeking new members
  • passing on Church Society news and views
  • sending in items of interest from local situations
  • attending the Society's meetings and conferences
  • pursuing important issues locally and more widely

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