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John Newton (1725-1807)

Anglican clergyman and hymn writer


  • Son of a shipmaster and entered naval service
  • 1748 - 10 March - converted
  • 1755 - Surveyor of Tides in Liverpool
  • 1757 - Sought to be ordained but was refused
  • 1764 - Ordained to Curacy of Olney, Buckinghamshire, by the Bishop of Lincoln.
  • Collaborated with William Cowper in producing Olney Hymns
  • 1780 - Rector of Woolnoth St. Mary (London)
  • Newton was a firm Calvinist and influenced many of the leaders of the Evangelical Revival. Also aided William Wilberforce in the campaign against slavery.
  • Famous hymns include 'Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken', 'How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds' and 'Amazing Grace'
  • 1807 - 21 December died in Woolnoth




John Newton Biography by A W Parsons

Published by Church Book Room Press



Articles about Newton

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John Newton for Today. Cross†Way article by Marylynn Rouse.

Cowper's Olney Hymns - A Critical Study. Churchman article by Arthur Pollard, 1955.

Simeon, Thornton, and Newton - Letters. Correspondence between these three evangelicals at the start of Simeon's ministry in Cambridge. Churchman article by William Carus from 1880.

Olney Hymns 1779 (Part 1 - The book and its origins). Churchman article by Robin Leaver.

Olney Hymns 1779 (Part 2 - The hymns and their use). Churchman article by Robin Leaver.

Olney Hymns 1779: A Documentary Footnote. Churchman article by Robin Leaver.

William Cowper - Part 1. Churchman article from 1881 by Charles Bell.

William Cowper - Part 2. Churchman article from 1881 by Charles Bell.

The John Newton Project (offsite link) whose objectives are: 'the transformation of society through faith in Jesus Christ, using the life and works of John Newton as one great example.'

The Olney Museum (offsite link) which includes further information on Newton and Amazing Grace.

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