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William Henry Griffith Thomas (1861-1924)

Minister, Scholar, Teacher


  • 2nd Jan 1861 Born at Oswestry, Shropshire, England, of Welsh family. Endured family hardship as his Father died before he was born, left school at 14 because of financial problems.
  • 1878 Converted after the witness of two friends.
  • At the age of 18 went to London to work in his uncle's office, studied hard in his spare time and obtained a good understanding of Greek .
  • 1882 Offered lay-curacy, studied at King's College, London in the mornings and spent the rest of his time in parish work.
  • 1885, Influenced by Henry Wace's lectures at King's, and friendship continued until death.
  • Ordained in 1885, by the Bishop of London.
  • 1888 Senior Curate at St Aldate's, Oxford for 7 years, at the same time studied for a degree at Oxford University.
  • 1896 Vicar of St Paul's, Portman Chapel, London.
  • 1898 Married Alice Monk
  • 1902 Winifred, their only child was born.
  • 1905-1910 Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, committed to conservative evangelical theology.
  • 1910-1919 Wycliffe College, Toronto, Canada, appointed to teach Old Testament Literature and Exegesis, later taught Systematic Theology. H K Mowll and Dyson Hague also on the staff.
  • Often spoke at the Keswick Convention.
  • Authored several books including The Principles of Theology (a systematic theology text based on the 39 Articles), The Catholic Faith and The Work of the Ministry. Also a variety of Bible commentaries and books on apologetics and pastoralia.
  • 1919 Left Toronto to exercise a wider ministry (based in Philadelphia), including conference work, Bible lectures, theological courses, writing for newspapers and magazines etc. Memorable visit to China and Japan, leading to the formation of the Bible Union of China following his lectures at Kuling.
  • Co-founder of Dallas Theological Seminary
  • 1924 Died, Philadelphia hospital due to heart trouble.



W. H. Griffith Thomas Biography by M. Guthrie Clark

Published by Church Book Room Press



The Principles of Theology by W H Griffith-Thoams

Published by Church Book Room Press

"A Sacrament of our Redemption" by W H Griffith-Thomas

An Enquiry into the Meaning of the Lord's Supper in the New Testament and the Church of England.

Published by The Church Book Room.




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