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Crossway is our quarterly magazine, with news and comment on issues of Anglican evangelicalism. Selected articles are posted here.

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The Winter 2016 edition of Crossway

Lee Gatiss

By Lee Gatiss, 18 Jan 2016

The Winter issue of Crossway is now out!

We lead with the first issue of 2016 with an article by Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn, who considers Jesus’ command to feed his people with the word of God.

Alison Blake looks at the importance of growing in godliness as we grow older, rather than growing in grumpiness! Lee Gatiss examines the Bishop of Gloucester’s suggestion that the Church of England should use both male and female pronouns when referring to God.

General Synod member Andrew Presland reports from the inauguration of the new Synod, and Lee Gatiss considers some surprising recent threats to the Reformation heritage to the Church of England, including the address at Synod of a Roman Catholic priest on ‘justification by faith’.

John Cheeseman considers the call of God upon Elisha, and Rebecca McLaughlin examines the failure of the secularisation hypothesis, and why John Lennon’s dream of “no religion” is still a fantasy.

Tim Ward looks at how social class has had an impact on Anglican preaching in the UK, and there is an extract from Church Society’s latest book ‘Positively Anglican’, about how to transform a church. All this and more in the latest edition of Crossway. If you’re not a subscriber, or a member, already, why ever not?


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Revd Dr Lee Gatiss is the Director of Church Society and Editor of Crossway


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