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Crossway is our quarterly magazine, with news and comment on issues of Anglican evangelicalism. Selected articles are posted here.

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Positively Anglican!

4 Jul 2014

The summer edition of Crossway has just been published, leading with a report on this year’s Church Society conference, with its unashamed focus on our commitment to the Church of England.

Newly elected Church Society Council member, Dr Andrea Ruddick, reporting on the conference, says: ‘After a day of stirring talks and news from the frontline, we went home with plenty of reasons to remain thoroughly positive about being reformed evangelicals within the Church of England.’

This new edition of Crossway also includes an interview with Dub Gannon, the new vicar of six parishes in Essex, and an article on the value and significance of biblical counselling by Sally Orwin Lee, who is on the Steering Committee of Biblical Counselling UK.

Lee Gatiss has a question for General Synod: ‘What does “flourishing” actually mean?’ He says: ‘I believe there are courageous and creative solutions to the problem of our lack of representation in the college of bishops.’

Also in this edition

Mark Smith on The blessings of blogging
Simon Scott on The evil mingled with the good
JC Ryle has a new book out
Lee Gatiss pays tribute to John Richardson


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