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Crossway is our quarterly magazine, with news and comment on issues of Anglican evangelicalism. Selected articles are posted here.

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Effective Anglicans

2 Oct 2014

The autumn edition of Crossway has just been published, leading with a report on this year’s Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC), which focused on seizing the opportunities of Church of England ministry.

Dr Tom Woolford, reporting on the JAEC event, says that it is ‘a conference which itches where others do not’, and tells how this year’s delegates left once again ‘with steel in their eyes and a spring in their step’.

Lee Gatiss’s talk from JAEC on evangelical strategy also features in the magazine. He argues that evangelicals are often double-minded about their commitment to the Church of England, and that just keeping our heads down in the local church is not a strategy for reforming or renewing the Church. (You can also listen to the audio of the full talk here.)

There is some food for thought on the doctrines of the atonement and predestination, and a significant article by Jane Tooher on how biblical complementarianism liberates women as essential to the life and health of Christ’s church. This article challenges complementarians, especially pastors, to equip and deploy more women for ministries in the church. Read it online here.

Also in this edition:

Katharine Swartz on Songs for Saplings
A Toplady hymn and a new collect for Syria and Iraq
A review of some recent commentaries on the Thirty-nine Articles
Director’s Diary


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