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Crossway is our quarterly magazine, with news and comment on issues of Anglican evangelicalism. Selected articles are posted here.

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Ros Clarke

Posted by Ros Clarke, 29 Sep 2017

The Autumn 2017 edition of Crossway is now out!

As we continue in this Reformation anniversary year, the Autumn issue of Crossway has a ‘Cranmer’ theme, introduced by Sam Brewster who considers the special homily ‘An Exhortation Against the Fear of Death’ as it applied in Cranmer’s own life and death.

Mark Pickles challenges us to keep fighting on in the church, and Ros Clarke applies the same theme to our personal walk with God.

Robin Barfield, author of our free Reformation 500 resources, explains the importance of teaching church history to children, not least that they learn there are things worth dying for.

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Posted 31 Mar 2017

The Spring issue of Crossway is now out!

We lead the Spring issue of Crossway with an article by Kirsty Birkett on Calvin’s ‘highest happiness’. In this article Kirsty ponders John Calvin’s application of the doctrine of providence, and how we can make use of this in our own lives.

Lee Gatiss gives us an overview of evangelicals and the Church of England over the last fifty years. And Rod Thomas, Bishop of Maidstone, urges us not to desert the Church of England when we are most needed.

Aled Seago reflects on the role of the Anglican liturgy in the context of depression.

Lee Gatiss also reports on his recent activities on behalf of Church Society, and also takes a look at two ways truth and justice are not well served in times of scandal.

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Posted 23 Dec 2016

The Winter issue of Crossway is now out!

We lead the Winter issue of 2017 with an article by Clare Heath-Whyte on the story of the Reformation. As we celebrate 500 years since the start of the Reformation, Clare tells the exciting story of that movement to recover the gospel of salvation by grace alone through faith alone.

Lee Gatiss looks at the big picture of the Church of England - both historically and globally - in order to better understand the current state of the Church here in England, and how the Anglican Evangelical constituency fits into this. In another article Lee Gatiss takes a look at the same-sex marriage debate in the Church of England, and outlines 6 possible options the Church might take, and considers some of the ways forward.

In his article ‘The future of the church’, Tim Thornborough examines and evaluates recent church statistics to look at some of the big demographic trends and challenges facing the church in the twenty-first century, and how we should be responding to this.

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Posted 30 Sep 2016

The Autumn issue of Crossway is now out!

We lead the Autumn issue of 2016 with a report by Ian Somasundram on the recent Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC) ‘Reach, Build, Send’, which looked at a biblical pattern for parish ministry.

Kirsty Birkett looks at building resilience in ministry and why stress might be good for us. Paul Williams helps us to see the priority of sending out workers into the harvest field, whilst Glen Scrivener asks how we should reach out to a lost world.

Martin Davie examines a recent proposal for affirming same-sex relationships in the Church of England in the light of an ancient principle of church life, and Rod Thomas, Bishop of Maidstone, talks us through the why and how of passing a resolution under the House of Bishops’ Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests.

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