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Crossway is our quarterly magazine, with news and comment on issues of Anglican evangelicalism. Selected articles are posted here.

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Ros Clarke

Posted by Ros Clarke, 20 Dec 2018

The Winter 2019 edition of Crossway is now out!

Articles in this issue include:

Contending together for the faith. Lee Gatiss looks at how we contend for the gospel together in our churches and how Church Society fits in.

The partnership of prayer. Rob Munro writes about the challenge and joy of gospel partnering in private prayer.

Committed to politics. Andrew Towner explains how political engagement within the church relates to contending for the faith.

Serving together in Southwark. Robin Weekes highlights the value of regional partnerships based on his experience of chairing ReNew Southwark.

Partnership principles and practicalities. Mark Burkill looks at the importance of establishing firm foundations for partnership work, both nationally and internationally.

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Ros Clarke

Posted by Ros Clarke, 2 Oct 2018

The Autumn 2018 edition of Crossway is now out!

Articles in this issue include:

Flourishing in the Church of England. Rod Thomas considers how the Church of England enables flourishing, and suggests priorities for evangelicals to ensure future flourishing.

Flourishing steadily. Lee Gatiss looks at what we can learn from how the early church grew.

Innocent children, ugly Scriptures? Robin Barfield sets out the importance of teaching the whole Bible to children - even the challenging bits.

Back to school! Jo Boddam-Whetham shares first-hand experience of the value of Christian work in schools in rural Cumbria.

From the lips of children… Ros Clarke highlights the importance of answering children’s questions in a way which helps them develop a good doctrinal framework.

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 21 Jun 2018

The Summer 2018 edition of Crossway is now out!

Articles in this issue include:

Gospel hope for mental ill-health. Emma Scrivener shares her experience of mental health struggles and offers gospel-based encouragement for individuals suffering and churches wanting to help.

Embodied faith. Ros Clarke takes a biblical look at our earthly bodies, and how they will be gloriously changed in heaven.

Friendship and the church. Phill Sacre makes a case for intimacy in godly friendships within the church family.

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 6 Apr 2018

The Spring 2018 edition of Crossway is now out!

The Spring 2018 issue of Crossway is now available.

In the second of two articles, Ros Clarke discusses her survey on women in ministry, encourages us to value women’s ministry, and has some questions to ask of your church.

Andrew Atherstone draws on the wisdom of J. C. Ryle when assessing how evangelicals should view the episcopate today.

Rebuking a pastor - A Church of England minister explains why rebuking a failed pastor in front of his congregation is the most loving thing you can do.

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