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Crossway is our quarterly magazine, with news and comment on issues of Anglican evangelicalism. Selected articles are posted here.

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Posted 30 Sep 2016

The Autumn issue of Crossway is now out!

We lead the Autumn issue of 2016 with a report by Ian Somasundram on the recent Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC) ‘Reach, Build, Send’, which looked at a biblical pattern for parish ministry.

Kirsty Birkett looks at building resilience in ministry and why stress might be good for us. Paul Williams helps us to see the priority of sending out workers into the harvest field, whilst Glen Scrivener asks how we should reach out to a lost world.

Martin Davie examines a recent proposal for affirming same-sex relationships in the Church of England in the light of an ancient principle of church life, and Rod Thomas, Bishop of Maidstone, talks us through the why and how of passing a resolution under the House of Bishops’ Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests.

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Posted 1 Jul 2016

The Summer issue of Crossway is now out!

We lead the Summer issue of 2016 with a report by Chris Kilgour on the recent annual Church Society conference, which looked at remaining steadfast in the Church of England today.

Ros Clarke explores the contemporary issue of how we should mourn the death of celebrities. Tom Woolford considers the masculine sin of rejecting Christ and his people, and how this can be remedied.

Adam Young looks at whether it is possible to be both a charismatic and a confessional Anglican. Lee Gatiss gives us ten reasons to love JC Ryle, in the great bishop’s 200th year.

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Posted 31 Mar 2016

The Spring issue of Crossway is now out!

We lead the Spring issue of 2016 with an article by James Hughes, who considers the need for ministry outside our own parish.

Rachel Browning talks about some of the challenges and encouragements for Christian women at work. Duncan Beet then examines the expectations of today’s ordinands.

Tom Woolford asks the question of whether churches sin corporately, and Martin Davie helps us think about ‘adiaphora’ - things on which we can disagree.

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Lee Gatiss

Posted by Lee Gatiss, 18 Jan 2016

The Winter issue of Crossway is now out!

We lead with the first issue of 2016 with an article by Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn, who considers Jesus’ command to feed his people with the word of God.

Alison Blake looks at the importance of growing in godliness as we grow older, rather than growing in grumpiness! Lee Gatiss examines the Bishop of Gloucester’s suggestion that the Church of England should use both male and female pronouns when referring to God.

General Synod member Andrew Presland reports from the inauguration of the new Synod, and Lee Gatiss considers some surprising recent threats to the Reformation heritage to the Church of England, including the address at Synod of a Roman Catholic priest on ‘justification by faith’.

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