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Crossway is our quarterly magazine, with news and comment on issues of Anglican evangelicalism. Selected articles are posted here.

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Lee Gatiss

Posted by Lee Gatiss, 18 Jan 2016

The Winter issue of Crossway is now out!

We lead with the first issue of 2016 with an article by Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn, who considers Jesus’ command to feed his people with the word of God.

Alison Blake looks at the importance of growing in godliness as we grow older, rather than growing in grumpiness! Lee Gatiss examines the Bishop of Gloucester’s suggestion that the Church of England should use both male and female pronouns when referring to God.

General Synod member Andrew Presland reports from the inauguration of the new Synod, and Lee Gatiss considers some surprising recent threats to the Reformation heritage to the Church of England, including the address at Synod of a Roman Catholic priest on ‘justification by faith’.

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Lee Gatiss

Posted by Lee Gatiss, 5 Oct 2015

The Autumn issue of Crossway is now out!

We lead this quarter with an article by Lee Gatiss on “Protecting the Flock”, where we consider what it means to protect our churches in an increasingly hostile environment.

Natalie Brand looks at why Christian women need theology, and this is followed by an interview with Carrie Sandom who has recently been appointed as the Director of Women’s Ministry for the Proclamation Trust.

Lee Gatiss then interviews Rod Thomas the new Bishop of Maidstone about his role as the new bishop and how he can help complementarians in this new era of women bishops.

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Lee Gatiss

Posted by Lee Gatiss, 3 Jul 2015

Your summer reading list is not complete without Crossway — now out!

We lead this quarter with an article by Lee Gatiss on “transforming a church”.  A church (whether local or national) never stands still, but is always changing — for good or ill. “Good transformation” is only brought about by the biblical strategy of “preach, pray, love, and stay”, as the word of God does its work to change hearts and minds and lives.

Ros Clarke tells us about how she plans to contribute to this gospel growth in her new role as Online Pastor in Lichfield Diocese, while Mark Earngey looks at the life and ministry of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer who greatly valued the word of God.

Stephen Bowen also looks back on 33 years of ministry in a single place, and the advantages of long-term persistent expository preaching. At the other end of the chronological scale, John Percival reflects on the particular challenges of being a curate, and has some tongue-in-cheek advice for how to really annoy the vicar!

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Andrea Ruddick

Posted by Andrea Ruddick, 15 Jun 2015

On its 800th anniversary, medieval historian Dr Andrea Ruddick looks at the spiritual dimension of the Magna Carta, which begins by asserting that “the English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired."

It is unlikely to have escaped your notice by now that 2015 marks the eight-hundredth anniversary of Magna Carta, the famous charter of English liberties issued by King John in 1215. Or, at least, the eight-hundredth anniversary of its first draft. In fact, Magna Carta did not attain its iconic status as the cornerstone of English democracy until somewhat later. Its rebranding as a repository of ‘British values’ is still more recent.

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