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The Winter 2017 edition of Churchman

Posted 11 Jan 2018

The Winter 2017 edition of Churchman is now published (Vol 131/4). This edition's contents include the following articles.

Editorial: Created Male and Female
Gerald Bray

Historical Theology

Knowing God through the Heart: Exploring the Relationship between Pascal’s Epistemology and Theology in His Pensées
Jonathan Fung

Desire and Duty: The Spirituality of William Perkins
Christopher Henderson

Biblical Studies

The Significance of Genesis 2:4 for Understanding Genesis 1-3, with Implications for the Historical Adam Debate
Chris Prekop

Moses and Old Covenant Obedience
John E P Taylor

Pastoral Theology

Review Article: Amoris Laetitia
Andrew Atherstone

Book Reviews

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