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Churchman Vol 124 (2010)

Posted 23 Jul 2014

Articles in the Churchman, 2010

Vol 124/1

Bray, Gerald
Almond, Philip
The Search for the Truest Christian Doctrines and the True Knowledge of God
Beckwith, Roger
The Creation and Fall of the Angels
Jensen, Michael
Imitating Paul, Imitating Christ: How does Imitation Work as a Moral Concept?
Liggins, Stephen
Jesus’ Teaching on Judging Others
Nation, Steve
Titanic - should I let it go down or not?
Book Reviews

Vol 124/2

Bray, Gerald
Goad, Keith
Why Pastors Should Flee the Ministry: A Meditation from the Pastoral Theology of Gregory of Nazianus
Lane, Adrian
Celebrating a Centenary at Ridley Melbourne - Towards a Pedagogy of Training for Ministry
Tait, Michael
The Search for Valid Orders: The Melchizedek Christology in Hebrews
Williams, Matthew
Read Aloud for Power, Read Together for Doctrine: The English Reformed Theology of the Bible
Book Reviews

Vol 124/3

Bray, Gerald
Adam, Peter
Calvin’s Preaching and Homiletic: Nine Engagements - Part 1
Allister, John
The Amalekite Genocide
Gathogo, Julius & Kinyua John K
Afro-Biblical Hermeneutics in Africa Today
Phipps, David J
The Beatification of Newman
Book Reviews

Vol 124/4

Bray, Gerald
Adam, Peter
Calvin’s Preaching and Homiletic: Nine Engagements - Part 2
Ovey, Michael
Appropriating Aulén? Employing Christus Victor Models of the Atonement
Sargent, Benjamin
One Meaning or Many? A Study in New Testament Interpretation of Old Testament Texts
Wu, Dan
The Place of Romans 7 in the Argument of Romans - (Yet) Another New Look
Book Reviews


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