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Churchman Vol 101 (1987)

Posted 20 May 1987

Articles in the Churchman, 1987

Vol 101/1

Gerald Bray
Reg Burrows
The Kingdom of God and Mission
Gerald Bray
What will happen to God? (part 2)
Leon Litvack
All for Love: John Mason Neale and the Perth Deanery Refusal
Robert England
Salvation and the Church: A Review Article
Book Reviews

Vol 101/2

Gerald Bray
Wallace Benn & Mark Burkill
A Theological and Pastoral Critique of the Teaching of John Wimber
Gerald Bray
What will happen to God? (part 3)
Richard Morgan
Faith, Hope and Love Abide
Rene Kollar
Anglican Brotherhoods and Urban Social Work
George Curry
Salvation and the Church: An Agreed Statement by the Second Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission ARCIC II A Response
Book Reviews

Vol 101/3

David Samuel
David Samuel
Ecumenism: A Dilemma for Evangelicals
Reg Burrows
Theological Liberalism
Alan Clifford
The Reasons for Past Failure of Evangelical Unity
Donald Macleod
Unity in Truth
John Pearce
Unity in Holiness
Roger Beckwith
Unity in Church Order
Book Reviews

Vol 101/4

Gerald Bray
Michael Dewar
‘Without the Prince’,. A Study of the Glorious Revolution in the Light of Present Politico-Religious Polemics 1688-1988
John Yates
Immediate or Intermediate? The State of the Believer upon Death
Richard Bauckham
The Bishops and the Virginal Conception
Michael Schluter
Christian Strategy in the Political Arena
Book Reviews


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