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Churchman Vol 069 (1955)

Posted 20 Nov 1970

Articles in the Churchman, 1955

Vol 069/1

J C Pollock
Provost of Bradford et al
The Essence of Evangelicalism: A Symposium: Part I
W C G Proctor
The Essence of Evangelicalism: A Symposium. Part II
M A P Wood
The Essence of Evangelicalism: A Symposium: Part III
F Colquhoun
The Significance of Harringay
E Hirst
The Person of the Holy Spirit
J C Pollock
Mr Gladstone
J G Widdess
Canon Dawson Walker : A Durham Evangelical Scholar
Book Reviews

Vol 069/2

J C Pollock
D F Horsefield
The Revision of the Canons
J I Packer
Baptism: A Sacrament of the Covenant of Grace
J Stafford Wright
Making Sense of Parapsychology
N Adcock
The Markan Nature of Miracles and the Messianic Secret
R K Harrison
Peter’s Bones
C Kerr
Book Reviews

Vol 069/3

J C Pollock
J W Roxburgh
The Church and the Docker
F Houghton
A First-Century Prayer Meeting
M F Wiles
St Paul’s Conception of Law - I
A J Drewett
Natural Law in Medieval Catholicism, in Luther and in Calvin
W N Carter
The Last Supper
A Pollard
William Cowper’s Olney Hymns
Book Reviews

Vol 069/4

J C Pollock
G D Savage
Canon Law Revision: Evangelical Policy and Action
G Goyder
The Church Press We Want
D H Tongue
The Church of the Gospels
D K Dean
The King’s Banqueting House - A Devotional Review of the Lord’s Supper
O R Clarke
The First Bishop of Liverpool
M F Wiles
St Paul’s Conception of Law - II
Book Reviews


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