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Churchman is our international journal of theology, which we produce quarterly. Read about the latest edition and subscribe here.

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Churchman Vol 131 (2017)

Articles in the Churchman, 2017

Articles up to and including issue 127 (2013) are available to view.

Vol 131/1

Editorial. By Gerald Bray

Michael John Ovey (1958–2017). By Mark Thompson

Personal Reflections on Modern Evangelicalism in the Church of England. By Jonathan Fletcher

Theodicy and the Problems of Open Theism. By Rohintan Mody

Gender and the Trinity: An Analysis of Feminist, Traditional and Alternative Approaches. By Lauren McWhinnie

The Role of Fathers in the Purposes of God: An Investigation and Application of the Instructions in Ephesians 6:1–4. By Benjamin Sear

“Whenever the Psalter is Abandoned, an Incomparable Treasure is Lost”: Bonhoeffer, the Psalter and Pastoral Identity. By Rhys S. Bezzant

Vol 131/2

Editorial. By Gerald Bray

The Concept of Divine Suffering and Its Impact on Classical Christian Doctrine. By Kate Wong

So Passionate He Is Impassible: Impassibility Defined and Defended. By Robert D. Brewis

The Cavity in the Covenant: George Whitefeld’s Use of the Pactum Salutis. By Joel D. Houston

The Mind on Fire: Loving God with Your Mind. By Melvin Tinker

“The Devil Much Prefers Blockheads and Drones”: Martin Luther and Educational Reform. By Christopher Beckham

Vol 131/3

Editorial. By Gerald Bray

How Might Social Media Like Twitter Shape Our Communication of the Gospel? By Alan Wenham

Liturgical and Reformed: The Variety and Challenge of Preaching Throughout the Anglican Communion. By John M. Linebarger

Sin, Grace, and the Spirit in Prosper of Aquitaine. By Aaron D. Matherly

Factitive or Forensic? Thomas Cranmer and the Doctrine of Justification. By Charles E. Fry

Review Article: Your Will Be Done. Mark Smith with response from Nick Tucker

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