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Churchman is our international journal of theology, which we produce quarterly. Read about the latest edition and subscribe here.

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Churchman Vol 130 (2016)

Articles in the Churchman, 2016

Articles up to and including issue 129 (2015) are available to view.

Vol 130/1

Editorial. By Gerald Bray

Using or Abusing the Bible? The Hermeneutics of American Pragmatism. By Benjamin Sargent

Martin Luther, Reformer Pastor: The Pastoral Theology of the Tessaradecas Consolatoria. By Andrew Towner

Gregory of Nazianzus: How the Church Formulates Doctrine. By Wyatt Aaron Graham

The Penitential Theology of the Homily of Repentance. By Todd Granger

Vol 130/2

Editorial. By Gerald Bray

Paul and Christian Worship in Light of Romans 12:1. By Lesly F. Massey

Honouring George Whitefield: Funeral Eulogies and Elegies in England and America. By Andrew Atherstone

Must a Loving God be Passible? A Theological Exploration. By Timothée Joset

A Pervasive and Self-Effacing Spirit: John Cotton’s Chief Contribution to Puritan Spirituality. By Nathan Tarr

Vol 130/3

Editorial. By Gerald Bray

Adoniram Judson’s Understanding and Appropriation of Buddhism. By Todd Scacewater

How did the Anglican Reformers Understand Episcopacy? By Michael Print

Welcoming One Another at the Waters: Some Suggestions for Credobaptists and Reformed Paedobaptists. By Dillon T. Thornton

The Relationship between Genesis 26:5 and the Patriarchal Narrative of Abraham. By Andrew Hugh Bruno

Vol 130/4

Editorial. By Gerald Bray

Open Theism and the Problem of Theodicy. By Janelle Zeeb

Missio Dei, the Trinity and the Church. By Jessica Chu

Wills as Evidence of a ‘Reformation from Below’ in Sixteenth-Century England. By William Marshall

An Evangelically Flawed Theological Method: A Response to Robin Parry’s The Evangelical Universalist. By Edward Loane


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