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Churchman Vol 129 (2015)

Articles in the Churchman, 2015

Vol 129/1

Gerald Bray
Joey Newton
Hilary of Poitiers’ View of the Holy Spirit.
Melvin Tinker
The Significance of the Doctrine of Creation to Christian Thought and Ministry: Some Preliminary Considerations.
Daniel Hill
‘Women Cannot Truly be Bishops’: the Logical and Canonical Implications of this View.
Matthew D. Haste
‘Nurseries of Heaven’: Samuel Stennett on Marriage and Family.
Kirsten Birkett
Review Article: Living Reconciliation.

Vol 129/2

Gerald Bray
Ryan L. Rippee
Gospel Hope in Suffering: Patrick’s Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus.
Allan Chapple
Leadership in Apostolic Perspective: Acts 20:18–35
Benjamin Dean
Packer on Preaching: A Recommendation
Joseph C. Harrod
A ‘Happy Union’: Piety in the Marriage of Philip and Mercy Doddridge

Vol 129/3

Gerald Bray
Matt Graham
Reclaiming Lost Ground: The Case for and Practice of Revitalising Dying Churches.
Vaughan Roberts
Martyn Lloyd-Jones: A God-glorifying Ministry.
Christopher Beckham
W.H. Griffith Thomas and James M. Gray: Two Prominent Anglican Educators.
Nathan Weston
‘Ministry Without the Spirit’ or ‘A Spirit Without a Ministry’?: John Owen and John 14–16.

Vol 129/4

Gerald Bray
Aloma Jonker
Theodicy: How God is Vindicated
Stephen Walton
The Kingdom of God and the Church.
Shawn J. Wilhite
‘That we too Might be Imitators of Him’: The Martyrdom of Polycarp as Imitatio Christi.
Coleman M. Ford
‘In Your Light We Shall See Light’: Virtuous Reading and a Theology of Interpretation in Gregory of Nazianzus’s Oration.
Simon Vibert


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