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Churchman Vol 128 (2014)

Articles in the Churchman, 2014

Vol 128/1

Gerald Bray
P H Brazier
C.S. Lewis on Ministry: A Model for the Church of England?
Vaughan Roberts
J.C. Ryle: ‘Evangelical Churchman’
Lesley A Rowe
Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Anglican Dilemma of Arthur Hildersham and Francis Johnson
Eliud Wabukala
The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion: The Church and its Mission

Vol 128/2

Gerald Bray
Melvin Tinker
Risky Business? A Defence of the No Risk View of Providence
David Furse-Roberts
The Victorian Evangelical Shaftesbury: A Son of the Clapham Sect or a Brother of the Recordites?
George Ella
Henry Bullinger’s Influence on the Church of England
E D Burns
Andrew Fuller’s Heavenly-Minded Piety: The Blessedness of Rest and Rewards for the Dead in Christ

Vol 128/3

Gerald Bray
David Phipps
Gorham and the Penzance Commission
Sean Denny
The Chains of Bondage and the Voice of a Child: Augustine’s ‘Reconciliation’ of Free Will and Grace in the Confessions
John-English Lee
Second Century Witnesses to the Sabbath and Lord’s Day Debate
Graham O’Brien
More than the Sum of the Parts: Worship as Biblical Theology

Vol 128/4

Gerald Bray
Bruce Pass
Why Would I Baptise My Child?
Maurice Elliott
The 1538 State Paper, ‘De Ordine et Ministerio Sacerdotum et Episcoporum’: An Exploration of its Significance for Reformation Anglicanism’s Understanding of Episcopacy.
Adrian Lane
The God Who Illustrates: Using Illustration in Preaching
Laura Robinson
Cheeseburger in Paradise? New Creation, the Spirit, and Animal Rights
Rod Thomas
Women Bishops: What Now?


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