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Churchman is our international journal of theology, which we produce quarterly. Read about the latest edition and subscribe here.

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Churchman Vol 126 (2012)

Articles in the Churchman, 2012

Vol 126/1

Gerald Bray
Richard Tearle
Evangelicalism - Identity, Definition and Roots: An historiographical survey
David W.T. Brattston
Sabbath and Sunday among the first Christians
Frankie Melton
George Whitefield: Pulpit Innovator
Andrew Cameron
Review Article - Finding Life in a World Made Strange. By Brian Bock

Vol 126/2

Gerald Bray
Melvin Tinker
Clearing Away Conceptual Fog: Genesis, Creation and Evolution
Dan Saunders
A Biblical and Theological Critique of Jonathan Edwards’ Doctrine of Christian Assurance
Mark Smith
‘Only the non-suffering God can help’: Recovering the glory of divine impassibility
Justus Musya
‘Kairos’ Theology in Apartheid South Africa

Vol 126/3

Gerald Bray
Peter Adam
May God’s Voice be Heard and Christ be Known: The Bible in Theological Education
Peter C. Molloy
1662 - Our Evangelical Future?
Jacobus Kok
A Theology of Reconciliation in Contexts of Conflict and Change
David Peterson
Worship and Edification in The Book of Common Prayer

Vol 126/4

Gerald Bray
Kieran Beville
The Rhythm of God’s Heartbeat: Biblical Perspectives on Mission Theology
Jared C. Hood
The Methodical George Whitefield: A ‘Most Excellent Systematic Divine’?
Ralph Cunnington
The Use of the Parables of the Weeds and the Dragnet in the Development of Reformed Ecclesiology
Martin Olando
Bride Wealth Among the Dinka Anglicans in Southern Sudan

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