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Churchman is our international journal of theology, which we produce quarterly. Read about the latest edition and subscribe here.

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Churchman Vol 125 (2011)

Articles in the Churchman, 2011

Vol 125/1

Bray, Gerald
Hood, Jared C.
‘I never read Calvin’: George Whitefield, a Calvinist Untimely Born
Sturch, Richard
The Ascension: An Attempt at Breaking the Silence
Thompson, Mark D.
The Origin of the Thirty-nine Articles
Malone, Andrew S.
Paul Blackham : Weak Exegetical Links - Part 1

Vol 125/2

Bray, Gerald
Scotland, Nigel
From Kabbalah to the Moonies: The Challenge of New Religious Movements (NRMs)
Thompson, Mark D.
The History of Subscription to the Thirty-Nine Articles
Malone, Andrew S.
Paul Blackham 2: Weak Theological Links
Nation, Steve
Martyr in Every Sense of the Word: Learning from the life and death of Stephen the first known martyr

Vol 125/3

Bray, Gerald
Lange, Stuart
Orange Pips and the Evangelical Churchman’s Fellowship 1945-1972
Atherstone, Andrew
J. C. Ryle’s Evangelistic Strategy
Asaju, Dapo F.
Afrocentric Biblical Hermeneutics en route: a Contextual Study of Chieftaincy in Post-colonial Nigeria
Munden, Alan
The ‘prophetical opinions’ of J. C. Ryle
Gatiss, Lee
Review Article: The Lessons of History

Vol 125/4

Bray, Gerald
Hawkin, David J.
Albert Schweitzer and the Interpretation of the New Testament
Jaeger, Lydia
What Place is there for God in Cartesian Doubt?
Munden, Alan
Thomas Snow and the Western Schism
Tinker, Melvin
Reasonable Belief? Providing some of the groundwork for an effective Christian apologetic

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