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Churchman Vol 123 (2009)

Articles in the Churchman, 2009

Vol 123/1

Bray, Gerald
Szczesniak, Daniel
Poetic Pedantry or Pastoral Passion: Olney Hymns and John Newton’s Old Testament Hermeneutic
Tarrer, Seth
John Calvin and the Prophetic Curriculum of Jeremiah
Tinker, Melvin
Ministries of Mercy, Moral Distance and the Good Samaritan- the Challenge to Evangelical Social Action
Waters, Guy Prentiss
Justification Defined
Book Reviews

Vol 123/2

Bray, Gerald
Phillips, David
Contemporary Challenges to the Doctrine of Sin
Saunders, Daniel
A Theological Assessment of Anselm’s Cur Deus Homo
Waters, Guy Prentiss
Justification Applied
Wheaton, David
The Parochial Ministry of the Leaders of the Eighteenth Century Evangelical Revival
Book Reviews

Vol 123/3

Bray, Gerald
Gatiss, Lee
The Manifesto of the Reformation - Luther vs. Erasmus on Free Will
Hawkin, David J
Rhetoric and Resistance: The New School and Gnosticism
Sargent, Benjamin
John 4: 1-42 and the Clarity of the Bible
Waters, Guy Prentiss
Justification Undermined
Book Reviews

Vol 123/4

Bray, Gerald
Green, Brad
Augustine, Modernity, and the Recovery of True Education
Nation, Steven
Is God good? A Study on the Person and Work of Yahweh in the Book of Job
Saville, Andy
Paul Blackham: a Trinitarian Reading of the Old Testament
Tinker, Melvin & Sanlon, Peter
The Ecclesiastical Posture of an Evangelical
Book Reviews

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