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Churchman is our international journal of theology, which we produce quarterly. Read about the latest edition and subscribe here.

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Churchman Vol 122 (2008)

Articles in the Churchman, 2008

Vol 122/1

Bray, Gerald
Palmer, James
Celebrating the Resurrection: A Theological Account of our Common Worship
Sanlon, Peter
Depth and Weight: Augustine’s Sermon Illustration
Tinker, Melvin
Engaging with Liberalism
Wright, Tony
Death, the Dead and the Underworld in Biblical Theology - Part 1

Vol 122/2

Bray, Gerald
Gatiss Lee
The Autobiography of a ‘Meer Christian’: Richard Baxter’s Account of the Restoration
Jensen, Michael
The Christian Revolution 1: Liberty
Wright, Tony
Death, the Dead and the Underworld in Biblical Theology - Part 2

Vol 122/3

Bray, Gerald
Cinnamond, Andrew
The Reformed Treasures of the Parker Society
Harris, Brian
Beyond Bebbington: The Quest for an Evangelical Identity
Jensen, Michael
The Christian Revolution 2: Equality
Werrell, Ralph
Little known Facts About William Tyndale’s Theology: The Fatherhood of God - the Blood of Christ

Vol 122/4

Bray, Gerald
Campbell, Constantine
Reveiw Article: Jesus and the Father: Modern Evangelicals Reinvent the Trinity
Cosby, Brian
Toward a Definition of ‘Puritan’ and ‘Puritanism’: A Study in Puritan Historiography
Jensen, Michael
The Christian Revolution 3: Fraternity
Sumner, George
Werrell, Ralph
Little known facts about William Tyndale’s Theology: The work of the Holy Spirit and the Covenant with Man

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