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Churchman Vol 118 (2004)

Articles in the Churchman, 2004

Vol 118/1

Gerald Bray
Tinker, Christopher
God’s Foreknowledge and Prophecy: A Case Study in Logical Indeterminism and Compatibilism
Myers, Benjamin
Theologia Evangelii: Peter Jensen’s Theological Method
Jaeger, Lydia
Cosmic Order and Divine Word
Dobson, John
New Revised Standard Version OUP 1995 – Part 2
Book Reviews

Vol 118/2

Gerald Bray
Galbraith, Peter
Human Sexuality: A Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of the Church of Ireland
Tinker, Christopher
God’s Foreknowledge and Prophecy – Part 2
Durey, Jill
The Evangelicalism of Bishop Anthony Wilson Thorold (1825-1895)
Harris, John
Francis Ridley Havergal and the Frangrance of Christ
Book Reviews

Vol 118/3

Gerald Bray
Curry, George
Purgatory and Penance: Differences That Remain – the Protestant Impasse Between Rome and Protestantism.
Ngien, Dennis
The Filioque Clause in the Teaching of Anselm of Canterbury: Part 2
Atherstone, Andrew
The Incoherence of the Anglican Communion
Book Reviews

Vol 118/4

Gerald Bray
Scotland, Nigel
Pams’s Prelates
Hawkin, David J
Globalization, the American Empire and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Tinker, Melvin
John Calvin’s Concept of Divine Accommodation: A Hermeneutical Correction
Beckwith, Roger T
The Windsor Report and the Future of the Anglican Communion
Book Reviews

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