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Churchman Vol 117 (2003)

Articles in the Churchman, 2003

Vol 117/1

John Johnson
A Case for ‘Reformed Evidentialism’
Stephen Chavura
The Universes of Calvin and Hobbes: Towards an Understanding of Calvin’s Anthropology and his Political Thought
R J R Paice
Irenaeus on the Authority of Scripture, the ‘Rule of Truth’ and Episcopacy – Part 1
Paul F M Zahl
The Crisis of the American Episcopal Church
Joy Holloway
Homosexual Parenting: does it make a difference? A re-evaluation of the research with adoption and fostering in mind

Vol 117/2

Patrick Sookhdeo
Cross and Crown: The Impact of Islam on Britain, Church and Society
Edward Malcolm
Understanding Islam: Relating the Qur’an to Tradition
R J R Paice
Irenaeus on the Authority of Scripture, the ‘Rule of Truth’ and Episcopacy – Part 2
Robert Stewart
N T Wright’s Hermeneutic: Part 1. Critical Realism

Vol 117/3

John R Tyson
Wesley Remembered – and More
Angus MacLeay
A Different Perspective on the Anglican Methodist Formal Conversation
David W T Brattston
Incense in Ante-Nicene Christianity
Robert Stewart
N.T Wright’s Hermeneutic: Part 2 – The Historical Jesus

Vol 117/4

Vibert S
Remembering Jonathan Edwards
Dobson J
New Revised Standard Version OUP 1995-Part 1, An Appraisal
Payne J D
The Legacy of Roland Allen
Mason M W
A Spiritual Banquet: John Calvin on the Lord’s Supper
Beckwith R T
The Limits of Anglican Diversity
Tinker M
Anglican Evangelicals in Crises – The Problem of Pharisaic Yeast (Luke 12:1-11)

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