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Churchman Vol 114 (2000)

Articles in the Churchman, 2000

Vol 114/1

Gerald Bray
W. Speed Hill
Richard Hooker and the Rhetoric of History
W J Torrance Kirby
The Paradigm of Chalcedonian Christology in Richard Hooker’s Discourse on Grace and the Church
Nigel Atkinson
Hooker’s Theological Method and Modern Anglicanism
Melvin Tinker
The Phantom Menace: Territorial Spirits and SLSW
Book Reviews

Vol 114/2

Gerald Bray
Packer J I
For Truth, Unity, and Hope Revaluing the Book of Common Prayer
J Jones
Ryle for the Third Millenium
Mark A Seifrid
In What Sense is ‘Justification’ a Declaration?
Gerald Bray
Was the Reformation a Tragedy?
Paul A Carr
Are the Priorities and Concerns of Charles Simeon Relevant For Today?
Peter Smith
Churchwardens: An Introduction to the Nature of the Office
Book Reviews

Vol 114/3

Gerald Bray
Fred Catherwood
A Christian’s View of Europe
Vernon Wilkins
Richard Field, DD, 1561-1616 Of the Church (Five Books, 1606/10) - on Ministerial Orders and Bishops
Dorothy Ann Bray
Celtic Spirituality: Its Origins and Interpretations
Colin Buchanan
Gregory Dix - The Liturgical Bequest
Book Reviews

Vol 114/4

Gerald Bray
Alan Ward
Communion before Confirmation A Response to ‘Admitting Children to Holy Communion’ in Churchman 113/4 (1999)
Bill Reimer
The Spirituality of Henry Venn
Martin Foord
Richard Hooker’s Doctrine of Justification
Dennis Peterson
The Epistle to the Hebrews and the Decline of Anglicanism
Phil Heaps
Still People of the Book
Book Reviews

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