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Churchman Vol 102 (1988)

Articles in the Churchman, 1988

Vol 102/1

Gerald Bray
Donald Macleod
The Crisis facing the Church of England
George Curry
Lambeth ‘88 and A.R.C.I.C.1
W D Round
Does the Concept of Priesthood exclude Womanhood?
Tony Baker
Evangelical Approaches to Theological Dialogue
Jane Ellis
What Future for Soviet Christians?
Certain Bishops in the Anglican Communion
The Lambeth Conference: A Declaration of Unity, Witness and Mission. Ash Wednesday 1988
Book Reviews

Vol 102/2

Gerald Bray
William Young
Miracles in Church History
Arthur Bennett
Charles Simeon: Prince of Evangelicals
Tony Walter
Against Participation, For the Kingdom
David Samuel For the Motion; George L Carey Against the Motion
The A.R.C.I.C. Agreed Statements are not agreeable to Scripture and the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion of the Church of England’
Book Reviews

Vol 102/3

Gerald Bray
John Wolffe
The First Century of The Churchman
Derek Scales
Illustrations of Compromise in Church History
John Yates
‘He Descended into Hell’: Creed, Article and Scripture: Part 1
Herbert Hammond
The Church of England in South Africa and the Anglican Communion
Book Reviews

Vol 102/4

Gerald Bray
Roger Sharrock
Bunyan: The Prisoner and The Pilgrim
John Yates
‘He Descended into Hell’: Creed, Article and Scripture: Part 2
Melvin Tinker
N E.A.C.3 - A Conference Too Far?
Donald Macleod
The Way Ahead for Anglican Evangelicals
Colin Chapman
The Archbishop’s ‘Passage to India’?
David Broughton Knox
Lambeth and Reunion
Book Reviews

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