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Churchman Vol 097 (1983)

Articles in the Churchman, 1983

Vol 97/1

Peter Williams
John R W Stott
Jesus Christ, the Life of the World
Lesslie Newbigin
Christ and the World of Religions
Stephen Travis
The Life of the World and Future Judgement
Pat Dearnley & Pete Broadbent
Jesus Christ, the Life of the City?
Book Reviews

Vol 97/2

Peter Williams
Paul Avis
Luther’s Theology of the Church
Alister McGrath
John Henry Newman’s ‘Lectures on Justification’ the High Church misrepresentation of Luther
Robin Leaver
Verba Testamenti versus Canon: the radical nature of Luther’s theological reform
Richard Higginson
From Carl Schmitt to Dorothee Sšlle: has political theology turned full circle?
Michael G Smith
Toleration and Pastoral Ministry: some long-term effects of James II’s religious policy
Book Reviews

Vol 97/3

Peter Williams
Roger Nicole
The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture: Prof J D G Dunn versus B B Warfield (Part 1)
Philip L Barnes
Towards a Theology of World Religions: an outline and assessment of the work of John Hick
Douglas Robinson
The ‘Ordo Salutis’ and the Charismatic Movement
Robin Leaver
Olney Hymns: a documentary footnote
Book Reviews


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