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Churchman Vol 095 (1981)

Articles in the Churchman, 1981

Vol 95/1

Peter Williams
J D Brown
Donald Shell
Political Authority in Decline?
Donald Cameron
Authority in the Church in the New Testament Period
Colin Buchanan
The Authority of Synods
Gerald Bray
Authority in the Early Church
Malcolm King and David K Smith
Are the Clergy Being Deployed Fairly?
Book Reviews

Vol 95/2

Peter Williams
Colin Brown
The Concept of ‘Evangelical’
Timothy Gouldstone
Evangelicals and Contemporary Anglican Liberal Theology
Bill Hopkinson
Changes in the Emphases of Evangelical Belief 1970-1980: evidence from new hymnody
Douglas Davies
Anglican Sectarianism: a rethinking of the dynamics of religion
Gordon Wenham
May Divorced Christians Remarry?
David Atkinson
A Response to Gordon Wenham’s article (issue 095/1)
Book Reviews

Vol 95/3

Peter Williams
R T France
The Uniqueness of Christ
Henry Chadwick
Full Communion with other Episcopal Churches
Eddie Gibbs
The Relevance of Church Growth Principles to Evangelism in England
Simon Barrington-Ward
Packaging or Partnership? a model of true church growth
Book Reviews

Vol 95/4

Peter Williams
Stephen Motyer
‘Always Being Given Up to Death’
Stephen Sykes
Death and Doctrine
Alan Fairhurst
Death and Destiny
David Sceats
‘Precious in the Sight of the Lord ...’: the theme of death in puritan pastoral theology
Book Reviews

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