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Churchman Vol 092 (1978)

Articles in the Churchman, 1978

Vol 92/1

R E Nixon
Brian Stanley
The East African Revival
John Goldingay
Theology and Healing
Stephen Neill
History, Criticism and Faith
Roger T Beckwith
Richard John Coates: in memoriam
James I Packer
New Lease of Life
John A T Robinson
Evangelical Breakthrough
Robin A Leaver
Isaac Watts’ Hermeneutical Principles and the Decline of English Metrical Psalmody
Book Reviews

Vol 92/2

R E Nixon
James I Packer
The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ: some evangelical reflections
Max Warren
Charles Simeon: his methods in the local church, the Church of England and the nation
Leonard Hickin
The Revival of Evangelical Scholarship
Mark Geldard
Jesus’ Teaching on Divorce: thoughts on the meaning of porneia in Matthew 5:32 and 19:9
Geoffrey E Turner
The Necessity of Christian Pacifism
Peter Ronayne
Opinion - Series 3 Communion
Book Reviews

Vol 92/3

R E Nixon
John V Taylor
Concerning the World Context
David K Gillett
Concerning the Church Context
John Poulton
The Church as People
Anthony Hanson
Episcopal Ministry
G J C Marchant
Aspects of Anglicanism
John Wenham
Opinion on ‘Warfield and Scripture’ by Mike Parsons
Book Reviews

Vol 92/4

Robin E Nixon
Colin Craston
The Case for the Ordination of Women: reasons for acting now
Gordon J Wenham
The Ordination of Women: why is it so divisive? (see also 1979, vol 93:54)
Thomas Howard
A Note from Antiquity on the Question of Women’s Ordination
John H Morgan
Denominational Christianity: towards a vindication of pluralism (see also 1977, vol 91:229-241)
A J Rose
Book Reviews
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