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Churchman Vol 091 (1977)

Articles in the Churchman, 1977

Vol 91/1

R E Nixon
Max Warren
Revivals in Religion
Robin E Nixon
Recent New Testament Studies
Michael J Williams
The Man/Woman Relationship in the New Testament
John Gladwin
Politics, Providence and the Kingdom
Roger T Beckwith, Robin A Leaver, O Wright Holmes
The Proposed Calendar and Lectionary
Book Reviews

Vol 91/2

R E Nixon
John Baker et al
Gospel and Spirit - A Joint Statement
G J C Marchant
The Unshakeable Things Will Be Left
Leonard Hickin
Hinde of Islington
Colin Hart
A Lectionary of Biblically Controlled Service
Franklyn Dulley
‘God’, ‘I’ and Ian Ramsey
John Moorman
One Fold or One Flock (John 10:16)
Book Reviews

Vol 91/3

R E Nixon
Mike Parsons
Warfield and Scripture (see also 1978, vol 92:251-252)
Richard Sturch
Historical Relativism
Robin E Nixon
Ecumenism, Models of the Church and Styles of Authority (see also 1978, vol 92:331-339)
Stephen Neill
Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews

Vol 91/4

Robin E Nixon
John Goldingay
James Barr on Fundamentalism
Stephen Neill
Myth and Truth
Peter Adam
The Child in the Church?
Stephen Neill
The Liberator
Alan Rogers
Church History Old and New
Book Reviews
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