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Churchman Vol 090 (1976)

Articles in the Churchman, 1976

Vol 90/1

R E Nixon
John Goldingay
Inspiration, Infallibility and Criticism
Anthony Gelston
The Lessons at the Daily Services
Robert G England
Haus Kung: a Consideration
Gervase E Duffield
William Tyndale and his New Testament: J F Mozley’s Contribution to Reformation Studies
Book Reviews

Vol 90/2

R E Nixon
Martin Conway
Lessons from Nairobi
N T Wright
Nairobi: Action in Search of Reflection
Book Reviews

Vol 90/3

R E Nixon
John W Rogerson
Recent Literary Structuralist Approaches to Biblical Interpretation
Richard Higginson
Thielicke: Preacher and Theologian
Douglas Davies
Social Groups, Liturgy and Glossolalia
Vita Toon
The Charismatic Experience and Church Membership
Book Reviews

Vol 90/4

Robin E Nixon
Peter J A Cook
Pannenberg: A Post-Enlightenment Theologian
Michael Cassidy
The Call to Moratorium (Perspective on an Identity Crisis)
Geoffrey N Shaw
Jesus and the Spirit
Stephen Neill
Translating the Word of God (see also 1977, vol 91:72-73 and 242-243)
Roger T Beckwith
The Approaching Revision of Series Three
Book Reviews
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