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Churchman Vol 067 (1953)

Articles in the Churchman, 1953

Vol 067/1

F Colquhoun
A F Alston
The Feast of the New Covenant
E J G Rogers
The Holy Communion in the Evangelical Tradition
F Colquhoun
The Parish Communion
D R Vicary
The Revision of the Communion Service
J Stafford Wright
Some Points at Issue in the Interpretationof the Bible
F J Taylor
Contemporary Commentary
Book Reviews

Vol 067/2

F Colquhoun
J Vispond
Useful Books on Pastoral Psychology
R H Vokes
D S Bailey
Sexual Relationship and the Command of God
J Stafford Wright
Parapsychology and the Christian
F H Durnford
Some Reflections on the Fifth Ordination Question
F J Taylor
Contemporary Commentary
Book Reviews

Vol 067/3

F Colquhoun
Personal Note from the Editor
F D Coggan
The Hope of our Calling
David Anderson
The Eschatological Aspect of Justification
G W Bromiley
The Doctrine of Christian Hope in Calvin’s Institutes
F W Dillistone
Praying in the Spirit
Douglas Webster
Christian Healing - A Consideration
Thomas Hewitt
Revision of the Communion Service
F J Taylor
Contemporary Commentary
Book Reviews

Vol 067/4

J C Pollock
L L Nash
The Church of England in Australia
D B Knox
Original Sin and Justification by Faith
The Secular Reaction and its Legacy
A M Stibbs
The Bible and the Pulpit
R K Harrison
A Christian Interpretation of Disease
Sydney C Carter
John Evelyn: A Study in Royalist Piety
Book Reviews

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