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Churchman Vol 062 (1948)

Articles in the Churchman, 1948

Vol 062/1

F Colquhoun
Editorial: The Theology and Practice of Baptism
A M Stibbs
The Place of Sacraments
F C M Musgrave-Brown
The Christian Rite of Initiation
S B & Wood, P H Latham
’‘The Ministration of Publick Baptism of Infants’’ I. In Defence of the Existing Practice (S B Latham. II A Plea for Baptismal Reform. (P H Wood)
G W Bromiley
The Elizabethan Puritans and Indiscriminate Baptism
F J Taylor
Contemporary Commentary: Salvation and Society
F W Dillistone
American Theological Journals
Book Reviews

Vol 062/2

Sydney C Carter
Editorial: Episcopacy and Reunion
C F D Moule
The Origins of the Christian Ministry: Some Aspects of the Apostolate in the New Testament
H Chadwick
Episcopacy in the Second Century
Hunkin J W
The Anglican Pattern of Episcopacy
F J Taylor
The Sacred Regiment of Bishops
Babbage et al
Anglican World Commentary: Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa
Albert Mitchell
Unitas Fratrum: The Church of the United Brethren
Book Reviews

Vol 062/3

F Colquhoun
Editorial: Give Attention to Reading
W Leathem
The Foundations of a Minister’s Library
Fison et al
Behind the Study Door - On Bible Reading
J P Hickinbotham
Behind the Study Door - The Study of Church History
C W J Bowles
Behind the Study Door - Liturgical Study
G H G Hewitt
The Minister’s General Reading
Hughes P E
The Minister and his Greek Testament
F W Dillistone
American Theological Literature, 1947-8
F J Taylor
Contemporary Commentary: Lambeth and Unity
Book Reviews

Vol 062/4

F Colquhoun
Dillistone F W
The Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA
Smith C W F
The Parish Church and the Cathedral
Zabriskie A
The Training of Ministers in the Episcopal Church
Wolf W J
Protestant-Roman Catholic Relations in America
Lehmann P
A Protestant Critique of Anglicanism
Taylor F J
Contemporary Commentary: Lambeth and After
Synge F C & Hughes P E
The Church of England in South Africa
Book Reviews

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