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Churchman Vol 061 (1947)

Articles in the Churchman, 1947

Vol 061/1

F Colquhoun
Editorial: Evangelical Scholarship
G W Bromiley
Faith and Knowledge
A M Stibbs
The Place of Theology
F W Dillistone
Recent Trends in American Theology
G H G Hewitt
British Theology To-Day
F J Taylor
Contemporary Commentary: The Problem of Church Relations
Book Reviews

Vol 061/2

F D Coggan
Editorial: Education and the Ministry
Drewitt A J
Education and the State: A Christian Critique of the 1944 Education Act
Wigram D R
Christianity and the Boarding School
Herklots H G
The Church and Adult Education
Burgess H J
Educational Literature: Notes on Recent Books
Taylor F J
Contemporary Commentary: A Right to Believe
Book Reviews

Vol 061/3

Taylor F J
Editorial: The Unity of the People of God
R W Howard
Towards a United Church: The Story of the Reunion Movement, 1910-1947
Stephen Neill
The Union of the Churches: The Present Position
L W Brown
The Theological Task Before the Church in India
C Sydney & Hist, F R Carter
Edward Stillingfleet: A Pioneer of Reunion
F J Taylor
Contemporary Commentary: Crime and Punishment
Book Reviews

Vol 061/4

F Colquhoun
Editorial: The Unity of the Bible
Stafford Wright J
Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Scott W M F
The Christian use of the Old Testament
Chadwick H
The Bible and Historical Study
Taylor F J
Contemporary Commentary: Anglican Isolationism
Book Reviews
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