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Churchman Vol 060 (1946)

Articles in the Churchman, 1946

Vol 060/1

F J Taylor
The Anglican Doctrine of Confirmation in the Sixteenth Century.
J P Hickinbotham
Ministry in the Body of Christ
G W Bromiley
The General Necessity of Baptism: Testimony of Richard Woodman
W Guy Johnson
Martin Luther
F Hugh Barber
The Liberal and Post-Liberal Estimate of Man
Book Reviews

Vol 060/2

Editorial - Laodicean Christianity
Stafford Wright J
How Moses Compiled Genesis
Sydney C Carter
John Cosin
Rogers E J G
Some Liturgical Considerations
R E Higginson
The Authentic Word - A Study in P T Forsyth’s attitude to the Bible
Book Reviews

Vol 060/3

S Neill
The Church of the Living God
K G Grubb
The Mission of the Church
F W Gilpin
The Nation and the Church
Book Reviews
Rt Rev Bishop of Rochester
Evangelicals and Evangelicalism, with Appendix on Evangelical Unity

Vol 060/4

Editorial: Re: Formation of Editorial Advisory Board
H A Evan Hopkins
The Living Church
A T Houghton
Christian History in the Making: A Reviews
R E Higginson
The Sacramental Word: Principal James Denney’s Attitude to the Bible
E J G Rogers
The Evangelical Fathers and the Liturgy
Book Reviews

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