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Churchman Vol 054 (1940)

Articles in the Churchman, 1940

Vol 054/1

Editorial : These Sixty Years
Bishop of Gloucester
The Teaching of the Church of England
H K Banks
The Evangelical Interpretation
The Church Conflict in Germany
A Prior
A Scot Seeks God
M Salisbury
Inter-communion or Shall the Family Feast Together?
J W Augur
Necessary Reforms in the Church Assembly
F R M Hitchcock
Man in Revolt : A Christian Anthropology
Book Reviews

Vol 054/2

J R Howden
The Teaching of the Church of England
J C Ryle
Where are We?
A St John Thorpe
The Kingdom of God
W S Hooton
The Prevailing Confusion in the Interpretation of Prophecy
F D Cope
Aspects of the Black Death
‘‘Jindra’’ A Czech
Czechoslovakia, Yesterday and Today
A Prior
Infant Baptism in the Church of Scotland
The Centenary of Faith Healing
Book Reviews

Vol 054/3

Our Lord Jesus Christ
G W Bromiley
Principles of Biblical Criticism: The Real Issue
H B Tristram
Inspiration in the Light of Versions
E H Blakeney
Of Tact
T M Neatby
Original Sin - The Defence of An Unpopular Doctrine
J W Augur
The Christian Doctrine of God
J F Clayton
Low Churchmanship
C Sydney Carter
’‘Archbishop Laud’’ by H R Trevor Roper - A Survey
Book Reviews

Vol 054/4

A M Stibbs
The Bible as Revelation
R W Jackson
Dublin’s Dean - A Study of Jonathan Swift
A R Vidler
Baptismal Disgrace
T M Neatby
Original Sin - The Defence of an Unpopular Doctrine
H S Curr
Baptists and Church Union
A N Prior
Totalitarian Christianity
Book Reviews

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