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Churchman is our international journal of theology, which we produce quarterly. Read about the latest edition and subscribe here.

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Posted 5 Mar 2018

About the journal:

Churchman is a journal for the Church of England and global Anglicanism. Each issue aims to promote the faith of the Holy Scriptures and such teachings of the ancient Fathers and Councils of the Church as are agreeable to the said Scriptures. In particular such doctrine is to be found in the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, The Book of Common Prayer, and the Ordinal, in line with the doctrinal position of Church Society.

Churchman is a journal committed to excellence in upholding high academic standards in its articles, book reviews and editorial.

is an ecclesiastical journal that aims to speak to the pastoral needs of the contemporary church.

Churchman aims to equip ministers, students and lay people to persuade others of the eternal truths of our faith in Jesus Christ and the need for them to be applied today for the renewal of the church and the conversion of the world.

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Picture of the cover of Churchman

Posted 24 Mar 2020

The Spring 2020 edition of Churchman is now published (Vol 134/1). This edition's contents include the following articles.

Editorial: Why I Am Still a Christian
Peter Jensen

Biblical Studies

An Inferior Cause: The Role of Works in Final Judgment Using Calvin’s Aristotelian Framework of Causation, with Special Reference to Romans 6:19-23
Paul Young

Pastoral Theology

Lessons from Martin Luther: A Teacher who Continues to Inspire
Christopher Beckham

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Picture of the cover of Churchman

Posted 20 Dec 2019

The Winter 2019 edition of Churchman is now published (Vol 133/4). This edition's contents include the following articles.

Editorial: Love the Law
Peter Jensen

Historical Theology

“Refreshings of God’s Spirit in My Soul”: George Whitefield and the Role of the Holy Spirit in Preaching
Frankie Melton, Jr.

Pastoral Theology

A Snapshot of Evangelical Mission Agencies in the UK 2019
Edwin D. Arthur

Spiritual Formation: The Rise of a Tradition
Kirsten Birkett

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