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Word on Wednesday: Peter Ould on Ministry in a Sexual Minefield

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Posted by Sophia Akouo, 28 Sep 2016

Peter Ould's workshop on the history of the sexuality debate in the Church of England, and how to engage in the debate, from the recent Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference.

The issue of sexuality has been in the news, and especially the Church news, almost constantly for the last few years. How did we get to the current situation, particularly in the Church of England? And how can we address the issues that are being thrown up by this ongoing debate?

At the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC) earlier this month, well-known blogger Peter Ould led workshops on this issue. The audio here is therefore a great way to catch up on the subject and think about it theologically in a stimulating and helpful way. Highly recommended!

Sophia Akouo is an ordinary Anglican churchgoer who enjoys listening to good talks.

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