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Winter Crossway

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 20 Dec 2019

The latest edition of Crossway is on its way to subscribers now.

Christmas postal schedules permitting, we hope that all Church Society members and other Crossway subscribers will have the magazine in their hands, ready to enjoy while sipping a festive drink in front of the fire over the next week or so. At Christmas time it’s good to be reminded of the uniqueness of Christ our Saviour, which Lee Gatiss does in his article, with reference to the Bible’s teaching and the summaries of that in the Anglican formularies.

Fiona Gibson and Mark Wallace give us biblical wisdom and practical steps to take on the subject of our unity in Christ. In the coming year it will be essential for Anglican evangelicals - united around the same Saviour, defending the same gospel, and serving in the same church - to be able to work effectively together against those who are promoting a false gospel.

Many of us are rightly concerned about the education our children are receiving, and Steve Wilcox shows us how we’ve got to this point. His article also shows why it is so important for Christians to be actively seeking the renewal of our education system - for the sake of evangelism in our nation.

Finally, in a couple of shorter articles, Daniel Eng shares some tips to help you read or teach through the book of Ruth, and Justin Humphreys from the independent Christian safeguarding charity thirtyone:eight explains how we can go about creating healthy Christian cultures.

Happy reading!

Ros Clarke is the Acting Director of Church Society and the editor of Crossway

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