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Theology Thursday: The Holy Spirit and Holy Scripture

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 24 Aug 2017

In this article from the Churchman archives, the late Alec Motyer discusses the work of the Holy Spirit through the Holy Scripture.

The work of the Spirit and the sufficiency of the Word are not twin poles, pulling the church apart. Rather, as Alec Motyer explains, the work of the Spirit is primarily to make the truth known. Further, it is as the word is taught and applied that the Spirit is experienced.

Perhaps conservative evangelicals have too often minimised the work of the Spirit. Motyer calls those who have done that to an ‘utter and absolute reliance upon the Holy Spirit.’

Perhaps charismatic evangelicals have too often minimised the sufficiency of the Scripture. Motyer calls those who have done that to remember ‘that the blessing of the Spirit of God must be expected in exact proportion to the place of honour given to the Word of God.’

The article ends with a call to preach the Word and look to the Spirit as we seek revival in the church today that is at least as urgently needed now as in 1964.

The Holy Spirit and Holy Scripture

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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