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Theology Thursday: Packer on Simeon on Preaching

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 17 Aug 2017

In this article from Churchman 74/2 (1960), J.I.Packer explores what is meant by expository preaching, with reference to the sermons and teaching of Charles Simeon.

Packer’s contention, nearly sixty years ago, was that evangelical ministers wanted to preach well, but very often did not, because they had not been trained to do so. Being Packer, he turns to the past for help, and with a characteristic sprinkling of Puritan wisdom, he focusses on Charles Simeon, ‘almost the first man . . . to appreciate that it is perfectly possible to teach men how to preach, and to discover how to do so’ (Charles Smyth).

Whether you are an experienced preacher, needing an encouragement to persevere, or new to the pulpit and unsure how to proceed, both Packer and Simeon have something valuable and relevant for you. It’s a relatively short article, but addresses issues of both content and style (no jokes!)


Expository Preaching: Charles Simeon and Ourselves

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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