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Saturday sermon: Hebrews 2:1-4

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 14 Oct 2017

Andrew Towner preaches at St Peter's Kingmoor, reminding the church that Jesus is better, so we need to stick with Jesus.

Hebrews summed up in six words: Jesus is better; stick with Jesus.

Drifting is all too easy. It’s not deliberate but it is tragic. In this sermon Andrew Towner calls us not to get lazy, but to be alert so that we don’t drift away from Jesus. Keep remembering all the ways that Jesus is better, so that you keep sticking with Jesus.

One for anyone feeling a little bit complacent and for anyone who isn’t, because we never know when we might close our eyes and drift away.

Listen to the sermon here.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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